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Love a good weekend

Friday left work early to watch the Marist Rugby Sevens games at the stadium, watched a movie at home with my youth group, and the rest of the night was super chill hanging out and making pizzas with the palagis at Coconut Point.

Saturday was spent spontaneously driving around the east side for lunch at De Tama Lelei (currently my favorite place to eat on this island), contemplating going to Aunu’u island for a swim in the harbor and Faga’alu waterfall, and then kayaking at our usual spot at Coconut Point.

And as usual, Sundays are reserved for church and family time watching Rio 2 with my dad and brother. Nothing I can complain about… I love a good weekend

Today at the office… Awkwardly pumping my yoga ball that I’d been requesting for the longest time hahaha

Who’s a happy productive girl? Me!

Wanting a waterproof camera

This past weekend, I went snorkeling with a couple of friends out in the Faga’alu Bay and swam with a baby turtle! I’ve been out in the water more often these days and even on my trip to Upolu a couple of weekends ago, we lived right next to a beautiful beach which we swam in every morning and night, went to the amazing To Sua Trench, the freshwater Togitogiga Waterfall, and snorkeled in the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. Unfortunately and ironically, my friend’s underwater camera got wet when the lock seal for the battery and SD card slot opened by accident while we were snorkeling. We sadly lost all of our water photos and it’s really bummed us out because there were a lot of really nice ones… SO I think it’s time for me to buy an underwater camera! Also because there’s no way I can afford an underwater housing for my DSLR right now.

Anyone have any suggestions on camera brands for a simple point and shoot underwater camera?

UPDATE: I bought an Olympus Stylus Tough TG-630 iHS. It’ll be a while before I receive since the merchant I got it from could not ship to American Samoa… oh the woes of living so remotely!

Lalomanu Beach sunset on our last night at the Taufua Beach Fales